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Thank you for visit start entrepreneur online, I am Nazif founder of this site. I build this site to learn and share entrepreneur business ideas with other people who want to start an online business or be an entrepreneur on the internet.

Now we at the middle global online business era, Many articles or many website stories about business online but not many stories about how to building an online business, some true and can be trusted but many fake stories just want to make money for themselves not to help people making money.

They promised anything because want people to join their many products they offer and give a bonus ending you don’t get money back. Why? You think.

It’s not easy to do online business but if you get the right place true people to learned what is affiliate marketing online, you will say ‘haa.. why I do not start 2 or 10 years ago.

Because you understand what means online business, you know what internet an entrepreneur and marketing marketer.

Now, on this site, I will share everything I learn about online entrepreneur ideas. Hope it’s can help who read to understand and make successful soon.


My story is not like other entrepreneurs I don’t have the best story as Long I life, let’s short it. Am start research digital marketing, marketer, entrepreneur internet, online business in 2005. After 2 years I try step by step to build a blog and website, 6 months late I am stop because many works to do.

At the same time, I am a Trader for Forex and in 2012 I learn about Cryptocurrency too. I hate writing, but I don’t have chosen to write because want to share online entrepreneur ideas with what I know and I believe it.

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to success

Ok back to my story, I am studying computer systems, etc troubleshooting, networking, management, and system support. Has many works I do, partnerships with co-construction. Now I am online back full-time it’s not I don’t like or am not happy, all jobs I work on past are happy to do and enjoyed.

In 2018, I found on internet website name WealthyAffiliate.com for more details and information I research them, in October 2019 join them but I did not send out myself just watch and read the Training modules.

Finally, this year in August 2020 I be premium membership Wealthy Affiliate to be an online entrepreneur for up my level on business online Full time. Believe it or not, this is the right place to learn about Business, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Affiliate, and many more.

These online entrepreneur ideas talk about what is affiliate marketing programs, Wealthy Affiliate is the Affiliate program and Affiliate Network, the independent Affiliate Network, and Best Affiliate Network/Program in the world now, for more details I will share the story later.


Many people will think I do online business just for money only, all not about money believe or not it up to yours because I cannot stop people thinking. But wait, let’s say a title like this how to be an entrepreneur with no money? 90% will read or watch the video, Right? 70% will follow and do like they say.

My answer is No because all businesses or want to be an entrepreneur at most invest, cannot start without money Trust me.

This way I want to help people who want to start an online business or who want to be an entrepreneur. Like I say before it’s easy if you found the right person or right place and you can be successful.

Below I give the list that will be discussed.

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Success Entrepreneurs

have more questions will be discussed, not only at this list. If not have a person like me, many people will be scammed. The scammer does not think about your background, rich or poor. They just thinking about Money, Money, and Money.

That is why We entrepreneurs especially the Wealthy Affiliate community help people on the internet. People will know how to shopping, know how to use the software, know how to use the internet, and many more.

If you cannot help with money help them with energy, but if you cannot help with energy help them with hands (writing), but if you cannot help with hands (writing) help them with prayer (heart).


The purpose, this website live is to changing consciousness and to Create many honest and trustworthy internet entrepreneurs to do online business just not thinking about money only. Because I think this more important about money if have trusted will get community.

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Community growth more success will come. It’s don’t care about entrepreneurs newbies, beginners, or experts if you think alone and thinking money only not thinking about the community your success will be gone. Trusted, helpful, and successful are more important than money.

On the off chance that you at any point need a hand or have any inquiries, go ahead and leave a remark underneath and I will gladly take care of you.

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All the best,

Nazif Nani

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