Are Hybrid Workplaces Our Future of Work?

Are Hybrid Workplaces Our Future of Work?The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to make changes and live lifestyles that seemed infeasible just a few years ago. Suddenly, it became apparent that many jobs could be done entirely from home, and that didn’t mean workers were becoming less effective or efficient. Although the worst is over, it turns out that many people are comfortable with these changes and continue to work from home or return to the office only partially, opting for so-called hybrid work. This brings us to the question – are hybrid workplaces our future?

Are Hybrid Workplaces Our Future of Work?
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What Is A Hybrid Workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a mix of remote and on-site work. It allows employees to have more flexibility in terms of when and where they work. For some people, this means working from home a few days a week and coming into the office for the rest. 

For others, it might mean working from home most of the time but coming into the office for important meetings or to collaborate with colleagues on projects.

Top Benefits

There are many benefits to a hybrid workplace. The most important ones include:

  • Increased productivity – as evidenced, many employees are more productive when they have the flexibility to work from home and the office. They can design their own schedules and work in the environment that suits them best.
  • Reduced operational costs of companies – hybrid workplaces can save businesses money on office space and other overhead costs.
  • Better recruitment and retentiona hybrid workplace can help businesses attract and retain top talent, as the location doesn’t play a key role anymore. Moreover, employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers flexible work options.
  • Environmental benefits – it turns out that this trend can also have environmental benefits. For example, if people work from home more, there will be fewer cars on the road and less pollution.
  • Greater flexibility in times of crisis – a hybrid workplace is more flexible and resilient in times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that have a hybrid workplace are better able to adapt to changing circumstances and continue operating, regardless of the situation.
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The Role Of Technology In Hybrid Workplace

All the above benefits show that it’s worth taking a closer look at a hybrid workplace. It has many advantages for employees – from greater flexibility to lower expenses for commuting to the office.

What’s more, obtaining actionable insights and data on space utilization can help employers and managers to make the right decisions to ease the employees’ transition back to the office and generate savings by understanding traffic patterns and organizing the workspace accordingly.

But how do gather the data? This is when location and occupation tracking technology in a hybrid workplace comes into play. Thanks to it, businesses can:

  • Schedule office space based on traffic patterns,
  • Manage meeting and collaboration spaces more effectively,
  • Adjust the office space to the actual needs of the team and decrease unnecessary operational costs.

The takeaway

A hybrid workplace is a mix of remote and on-site work that allows employees to have more flexibility in terms of when and where they work. It has many benefits, including increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and better recruitment and retention.

Thanks to advanced technology such as location tracking devices, businesses can gather data on office space utilization and make more accurate executive decisions.


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