8 Ways To Buy a Car in Europe As A Foreigner For Travel

8 Ways To Buy a Car in Europe As A Foreigner For Travel – How do you get your palms on an inexpensive mode of transportation in Europe? With numerous years of travel expertise and having lived in multiple European nations I know my way around its forms.

8 Ways To Buy a Car in Europe As A Foreigner For Travel

Can You Buy a Car in Europe As a Foreigner?

Buying a car isn’t the problem. Registering the car without an address and/or a brief residence allowance is almost inconceivable in any European country. Without the ability to register the car, driving it around is against the law. The different challenge is to get it insured.

However, there are a few strategies available that might make your European highway trip come true. After hours of research and digging deep through the trenches of the web, I even have composed a listing of eight completely different methods you could try and fulfill your dream. Is the Dominica application process secure?

Our Assumptions

There are some things you have to know before we dive into the totally different methods of buying an automobile in Europe. First of all, Europe isn’t a single nation and not all nations on the European continent are a member of the European Union.

Even within the Union, each nation has its own rules in phrases of shopping for and registering an automobile to your name. For example, in the Netherlands, the license plates come with the automotive and don’t change over the lifetime of the vehicle. In the neighboring country Germany, the plates include insurance coverage.

Meaning you obtain the license plates on your automobile when you may have bought insurance for it and you must give the plates again if you change or finish the insurance coverage. An automobile may have multiple completely different plates over its lifetime.

I’m also assuming something about you as a reader, specifically that you are planning a long street trip (1 month – 1 yr or longer) via Europe as a non-resident. Meaning you would possibly be from outside of the continent and do not have a handle on the place you can or plan to legally register within the country you are pondering purchasing a car. If you do have distant relatives with a home handle that might permit you to register there, go ask them first. It would save you lots of trouble.

I’m assuming that you’re planning to stay on the continent and are capable of dropping off the car in the country where you got it. Legally selling an automobile abroad, even inside the European Union, requires the client to pay import tax which could be more than the value of the automobile.

Some international locations exterior the EU, like Morocco, stamp the automobile in your passport meaning you possibly can only leave the country with proof you legally sold the automobile, scrapped it, or whereas driving the automobile. It is just a complete lot simpler (not impossible) to promote the automotive in the nation you got it in.

I’m assuming you aren’t interested in using public transport to get around Europe nor in renting an automobile for your road trip as a result that exceeds your price range or some other purpose you won’t wish to do this.

Lastly, bear in mind that you can only stay within the European Union for as long as your visa is legitimate. The short-stay visa is a Schengen visa which allows you to keep within the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day interval. This means you would wish to stay outside of the Schengen area for 90 days earlier than being allowed to reenter.

Alright, then in spite of everything these caveats, let’s dive into the alternative ways you might get hold of your European Exploration Vehicle.

The United Kingdom seems to be essentially the most relaxed in terms of non-residents shopping for and owning an automobile. Maybe as an outcome of their island mentality, they assume you are a resident and don’t have trouble verifying. You can register the automotive when you have a tackle to obtain correspondence concerning the vehicle. (source) This can be friends or family, or maybe you can convince a hotel or an automotive vendor to make use of their tackle.

The next challenge is to search for an insurance firm that is keen to insure you without needing a UK driver’s license. I’ve discovered the following corporations who declare to have the power to do that for you. Make positive you get the green card insurance coverage and triple examine if it’ll cowl all the countries you propose to journey to.

Standard UK automotive insurance coverage won’t cover all of Europe or will solely let you stay “abroad” for 60 days. UK insurance coverage corporations are recognized to do that so as with all insurance coverage insurance policies, read the fantastic lettering to be certain to are coated throughout your journey.

The UK is not the most value-effective market to purchase a car in. What you spend in pounds, you also spend in Euros on the other side of the channel. Meaning you get extra bang for your buck within the Netherlands or Germany. Lastly, many of the cars on sale in the UK will naturally be a left-hand drive, while the rest of Europe is correct-hand drive only. This may be annoying and even harmful on some occasions.

The French Government established a unique scheme letting foreigners from exterior the EU buy a car without having to pay VAT and drive it around Europe earlier than shopping for it again and promoting it to automobile rental corporations and such. Yes, this is authorized in France and you may ride around in a shiny new automobile from Citroen, Peugeot, or Renault.

Technically you personal the car, making it potential to register it in your name and get insurance coverage. Because you drive it around the continent it is considered a used automobile whenever you sell it back to the producer who doesn’t need to cost the VAT to the next buyer. A pretty good deal and insurance and street tax are all included in the value.

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The minimal lease period is 17 days and you pay less when you pick up and drop off the car in France, however, there are plenty of locations outside of France to get or go away the car. It’s not the most affordable option out of all of the methods but it is an assured trouble-free method to enjoying the freedom of your own car and really exploring Europe to its fullest.

A big benefit compared to traditional renting is

* No restrictions on the place to go
* Minimum age is eighteen
* Unlimited mileage
* No further costs for adding a driver
* Full, zero-deductable coverage
* 24-hour hotline for service

> “A quote for a 5 months lease, US$ 4461 which is around US$ 30 per day. ”
— Pick up in Paris, drop off in Rome, economy model A fairly good deal for a brand new car!

Where to e-book your French lease automotive

After digging through stacks of blog posts and discussion board questions I came across a couple of different companies from the Netherlands providing the same buy-back guarantee service for vehicles and vans.

These firms all offer to help you in buying an automobile or van from the Dutch market, verify it technically, and arrange all the paperwork. Most of the time this can be carried out from abroad, in order that the car is ready to roll by the point you arrive in Amsterdam.

You either decide on a vehicle from their website or go looking for one online yourself. Dutch society could be very digitally savvy so really most cars are bought online nowadays. Find your dream van on web sites like marktplaats.nl autotrader.nl and autoscout24.nl

There will at all times be threats involved in letting a third get-together handle so much of your money without ever meeting them in one other country. It is as much as you in case you are prepared to simply accept the risk and it’s your obligation to research to firm you’re planning to trust earlier than doing enterprise with them.

That being mentioned, there are optimistic and negative reviews in regard to the firms talked about. I personally don’t have experience with any of these. I’m just here to let you know about the choices and prevent the trouble of googling for hours. Check out these blogs for a personal experience

These companies guarantee to buy again the automobile after your journey is over. How a lot of the worth you’ll get back is unsure and is dependent upon how you handled the vehicle, how much you drove with it, and the way long it has been in your possession. My advice could be to not spend extra on the automobile than you are willing to lose.

Some of the companies mentioned may even organize mandatory third-party insurance for you. In other instances, you are required to rearrange this yourself. Be sure to debate this with the company you are working with beforehand. The premium won’t be low cost as your deductible might be zero since there aren’t any harm-free years for you on file. Expect to pay around €100 per thirty days.

Make sure to verify that the insurance covers all the international locations you are planning to travel to as commonplace green card insurance doesn’t include all EU countries, however, can normally be extended free of charge or a small fee to Montenegro, Romania, Turkey, and even Israel.

There seems to be a possibility to register an automobile on a company in your name in Bulgaria. Although there could be not a lot of expertise with this route out there, there’s a firm that claims to have the ability to organize te paperwork for you.

The service costs €430 (excluding the value of the car). Bulgaria is undoubtedly going to be the cheapest country in this list to buy, register an automobile, pay tax, and pay insurance.

It just isn’t an issue to travel around Europe with Bulgarian plates.

Bulgarian Plates /

This method isn’t going to save tons of you any cash, but for the sake of a whole image, I wanted to current it to you anyhow. Every manufacturer that has a US presence has a European supply program. You buy the automobile within the US and have it delivered in Europe the place you choose, get pleasure from your time, and drop it off at the manufacturer’s facility after which it’s shipped to your personal home country at their negotiated rate. Maserati, BMW, Porsche, and plenty of different car brands have identical scheme arrangements. Some even pay for your flights and your first night time.

It won’t save you money compared to a long-term rental, but it’s undoubtedly the most fun way to buy a model new automobile. I’m not sure if this scheme can be obtainable for Canadians, Australians, or other non-USA citizen.

Buying an automobile in Germany the normal method requires you to have a tackle there, pay for health insurance, and so on. But, if you buy a car intended for export none of this applies. This is also attainable in the Netherlands or Belgium but the cool factor about Germany is that the validity of export plates (Ausfuhrkennzeichnung) is governed by the extent of their insurance coverage protection which has to be for at least 15 days and should not exceed 12 months.

This is a superb loophole for travelers intending not to stay longer than 12 months. There are no choices to extend so you’ll have to sell the vehicle earlier than the 12 months are up. I’m undecided whether you’ll be able to promote it once more in Germany or if you could have to promote it in a unique country.

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The good news is, is that cars are usually cheaper in Germany than in the rest of western Europe so it won’t be tough so sell although the buyers will have to pay import tax for the automobile. The rules relating to import tax within the Netherlands state that the age of automobiles reduces the quantity of tax to be paid. So it is a good idea to purchase an older automobile to find a way to make it easier to promote. Vans are notably in style within the Netherlands right now.

Apart from having to pay the full German automobile use tax prematurely the opposite drawback is that the insurance coverage rate for export plates is exceptionally high. About €1700 for 12 months, €140 per thirty days for the 3rd celebration liability cowl solely.

Another legal option in France is to set up a company. Do not fear not speaking a word of French, there is a firm that is ready that will help you out. They concentrate on RVs and the prices aren’t low-cost.

1. Company registration fees; € . Vehicle registration charge: €495
three. Fully complete insurance coverage (annual premium): €750 – €950 per yr +
€ They have a choice of new and used vehicles available, normally ranging in value from €25,000 to €70,000 relying on model and age.

This will get you a standard RV ready to roll and explore Europe with. If this is within your budget and magnificence is as much as you to determine. It might be a great way to explore the continent in levels, coming back to your car every year to explore a new set of nations.


Maybe you have the perfect car for adventuring right there in your driveway and also you like to journey in it. Why not ship it to Europe so you can discover all the continent has to offer in your personal time earlier than transport or drive it again?

How to ship a car to Europe

Shipping an automobile throughout the planet just isn’t cheap, nevertheless, it might value it in case you have spent thousands of dollars on creating the proper adventure automobile over the years. You can expect to pay roughly US$ 1500 for every cargo. You don’t need to pay any taxes and you may stay as long as you as your visa allows, there are no restrictions on the automobile.

If you are restricted to the Schengen Visa, which is most ninety days, then you probably can spend the following 90 days outdoors in the Schengen area within the East, earlier than heading again in for one more ninety days.

And one of the best concepts is yet to come back, instead of shipping it back you’ll have the ability to cross the continent to Asia or Africa and proceed touring or drive home instead. This is known as landing and this is what this blog is all about. Stay some time and skim some of the other articles to get to know this fashion of touring.

Buying and proudly owning a car isn’t as easy as in Australia or the USA as a foreigner. Without residency or a handle, you can see it is hard in any European country to do so legally. I’ve offered eight different ways you could legally own a car to journey across the continent. Some are a little bit of a loophole resolution such as driving around on export plates from Germany. Others are costly as an end result of factually you are shopping for a new car. The cheaper and most common strategies are shopping for an automobile in the UK or utilizing one of the buy-back scheme firms within the Netherlands. Whichever methodology you determine to go for, I hope you take pleasure in your time in Europe.

Let me know within the comments what your expertise was with any of those strategies and if I forgot to add one.

How To Find a Backpackers Car in Europe?

Backpacker cars in Europe aren’t really a factor, because it’s inconceivable to legally register one without a tackle or residency. Using public transport and hitchhiking is the most affordable approach to get around. There is a number of loopholes on tips on how to buy a car in Europe to journey with.

Can You Buy a Car in Europe as a Foreigner?

Buying a car in Europe as a foreigner is possible, however legally owning it is not. Registering a car in your name without a tackle and/or residency is a type of impossible in any European country. There is a number of loopholes similar to corporations that offer buy-back schemes or organize a company in France or Bulgaria.

Can You Buy a Car in Europe as an American?

Buying an automotive in Europe as an American is feasible, but legally proudly owning it’s not. Registering a car in your name without a tackle and/or residency is a type of inconceivable in any European nation. There are a number of loopholes similar to companies that offer buy-back schemes or establish a company in France or Bulgaria.

Can you Buy an automobile in Europe to Travel?

Buying an inexpensive car in Europe to travel is feasible, however legally proudly owning it’s not. Registering a car in your name without a handle and/or residency is nearly impossible in any European country. There are a number of loopholes such as companies that provide buyback schemes or establishing a company in France or Bulgaria.


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