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Currently, conducting business online can be a significant advantage for many companies looking to collaborate with Chinese companies. However, due to the commonness of the internet and its capabilities, such actions can pose various risks. B2B platforms come to the rescue, facilitating trade and connections between businesses. Let’s explore what these e-commerce services are and the benefits of using them.

B2B platforms are digital marketplaces where all business transactions and interactions between companies take place. These services offer many advantages, such as acting as intermediaries between buyers and suppliers, enabling product purchases and sales, and facilitating service exchanges. It’s a great alternative for those entrepreneurs who do not have a possibility to organise a trip to China and, e.g., attend trade fairs. Although some are sceptical about searching for a long-term business partner online, with a proper amount of preparations and cautiousness, you can find a good Chinese supplier for a long cooperation.

These platforms work by sellers creating profiles for their companies, listing products for sale, and waiting for potential customers. It’s worth noting that most suppliers are intermediaries rather than direct manufacturers of the products they offer. They usually buy products wholesale, mainly from factories, and then sell them to foreign customers. Thus, if you’re looking for a factory, it’s crucial that you verify the company before conducting business.

In China, business contacts traditionally rely on direct interaction with Chinese counterparts, which can be quite challenging for foreign buyers. Some Chinese companies do not use the Internet as their primary communication source, making their websites often outdated and problematic for foreign clients to navigate. B2B platforms make it much easier to search and connect with Chinese companies. Their interfaces resemble each other and are easy to navigate and straightforward. Many of them also offer at least a few language versions of the website, making it more accessible to foreigners.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the B2B platforms available in the Chinese market!

One of the largest and most well-known Chinese B2B platforms is, which has the most users compared to other services. It is part of a Chinese international conglomerate specializing in electronic trade and other services. primarily focuses on connecting global buyers with suppliers and manufacturers from China, offering a wide range of products to meet various business needs. Particularly, the platform provides programs and services that verify the credibility of Chinese companies and ensure buyer protection. However, it’s worth noting that even the companies from Alibaba should be verified in terms of reliability before placing an order.

Another popular platform is, allowing international customers to purchase products directly from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers at wholesale prices. The service specializes in facilitating cross-border trade and offers a wide range of products, including electronics, clothing, toys, beauty products, and sports goods.’s attraction lies in enabling buyers to purchase products in wholesale quantities at reduced prices. The platform also ensures that if a buyer receives goods that do not conform to the description or photos of the auction, such a seller may receive a warning or even be removed from the portal.

A similar platform to the ones mentioned above is Made-in-China, which also specializes in connecting international buyers with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. It offers a wide range of products across multiple categories, including electronics, machinery, clothing, home and garden products, industrial goods, and more. Made-in-China ensures the authenticity of its suppliers through a verification process and provides extensive information about them. One must keep in mind, that companies on B2B platforms are not always reliable despite being verfied by the platform itself. Therefore, to protect yourself from possible frauds, verify a company and organise an inspection in their factory.

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Lastly, Global Sources, headquartered in Hong Kong, focuses on electronic and hardware products. It also offers various services to buyers, assisting in product sourcing and quality control. The platform helps international customers find suppliers not only in China but also in other Asian countries, like India, South Korea, or Vietnam. Like the other mentioned platforms, suppliers listed on Global Sources undergo a verification process, providing more excellent reliability and confidence in purchasing decisions.


In conclusion, B2B platforms in China offer a vital advantage for businesses seeking to engage with Chinese counterparts, simplifying trade and connections in a digital landscape. These platforms, exemplified by,, Made-in-China, and Global Sources, act as intermediaries, facilitating transactions and providing verification processes to ensure credibility. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and due diligence when dealing with companies on these platforms to guard against potential risks. In an era where international business relies heavily on online interactions, B2B platforms play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between global buyers and Chinese suppliers, enabling smoother and more accessible cross-border trade.


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