Managing Your Physical Infrastructure: A Simple Approach To Rack Selection

Managing Your Physical Infrastructure: A Simple Approach To Rack Selection – IT infrastructure is a complex system that consists of hardware, software, and services. The physical infrastructure includes racks, power supplies, cooling systems, network switches and routers, storage devices, etc.

These components are essential to ensure that your data center runs smoothly. You need to have enough space and an adequate power supply for all these components. This is where an IT rack can help.

When managing your physical infrastructure, rack selection is one of the most important decisions you can make. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right rack. This article will help you pick a reliable IT rack for your needs.

Managing Your Physical Infrastructure: A Simple Approach To Rack Selection

What is an IT Rack?

An IT rack is a metal frame with shelves on which organizations can place servers or other equipment. It provides support for various computing equipment and other critical IT systems.

Since organizations require many pieces of hardware to run their business, an IT rack is essential. It helps to organize the server room and allows users to access the equipment easily. In addition, IT racks also keep your organization’s information and equipment safe.

How to Choose an IT Rack

There are several things to consider when choosing an IT rack. These include the following:

1. Assess Your Organization’s Priorities

It is very important to determine what kind of rack your organization needs. Not all organizations consider the same factors when making this decision. Some may prioritize security, while others focus more on performance.

Nevertheless, knowing what you want to prioritize first can make rack selection easier. It helps you eliminate some options from consideration. For instance, if you know you’re looking for a rack within a certain budget, you won’t waste time searching for a high-end rack.

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2. Preconfigured or Customized

IT racks can come pre-configured or customized. If you choose a preconfigured rack, you’ll get everything you need in one package. It will save you effort when it comes to assembling your own rack. This is a good choice if you want an IT rack that’s ready to go and has the basic features for your needs.

You’ll have to choose different features if you decide to customize your rack. For instance, you can choose the rack’s size, the number of shelves, and so on. This kind of rack is ideal if you want to tailor your rack to fit your specific requirements. You have to work with your provider to find out what they offer.

3. Open or Enclosed

Open racks allow air circulation through them. They also provide easy access to the equipment inside. However, open racks provide little protection against dust and moisture. This makes it difficult to maintain the equipment properly.

On the other hand, enclosed racks are better at securing your tech gear. They also keep the environment clean and dry. Although enclosed racks are more expensive, the extra price is worth it because you can ensure that your equipment remains safe.

4. Rack Size

IT racks usually come in standard sizes. You must consider all the equipment you want to install inside your rack. The most common sizes are 19 inches from one hole to another. Many racks come with an exterior width of 24 inches. This rack size is ideal in the data center industry.

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When choosing rack size, choosing a rack size that matches the space available in your data center is recommended. This will make it easier for you to install the rack. Also, it will help you avoid having to move your existing equipment around.

5. Doors

Your IT rack’s doors will determine the accessibility of your equipment. It will also affect how well you can control airflow. Therefore, you should carefully consider the type of door you use.

For example, doors you can easily remove from the rack are great for maintenance. They allow you to access the rack’s interior without taking down the entire unit. Choosing doors with additional security options, such as key locks, combination, electronic or biometric locks, will improve the overall safety of your data center.

6. Accessories

Accessories improve your IT rack’s functionality. They fall into two broad categories – cable management and airflow management. These two categories will impact each other, so it’s important to understand their relationship before purchasing accessories.

Cable management accessories include things like cable trays, cable wraps, and cable ties. These items organize cables and prevent them from getting tangled up. On the other hand, airflow management accessories include things like fans, filters, and vents. These accessories help improve your IT rack’s efficiency by improving its cooling system.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right IT rack for your organization can be challenging. The right IT rack will help ensure your equipment stays safe while providing enough room to store everything you need. Above, we’ve discussed some factors you should consider when selecting an IT rack. We hope this article has helped you get started.


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