Why Instagram is Winning the Social Media War Against Facebook

Instagram is winning the social media war against Facebook. And it’s not just because of what Instagram has done right with their platform, but also because of what Facebook has done wrong.

For example, Instagram allows users to be more engaged with others on the forum, while Facebook users are constantly bombarded with ads and targeted by companies looking for new customers.

While both platforms have grown tremendously over the last decade, Instagram has retained its status as a purer social media experience for people who want to share photos without being interrupted by advertisements or other distractions that keep us from seeing our friends and family members doing online.


Instagram has a higher engagement rate, meaning that users are more likely to interact with posts on the platform than on Facebook. This is caused to a few specific factors:

  • Instagram’s design allows for a more visual experience than Facebook’s.
  • You can only post one thing once, so people don’t accidentally miss anything.
  • It doesn’t have ads or sponsored posts that distract the content.

In other words, users will be happy when they see your post because of all these factors!

So what does this mean? With such high engagement rates and low costs (you don’t have to pay for ads), it seems like Instagram could take over Facebook anytime now—and right now would be great!

Follower Quality

Why Instagram is Winning the Social Media War Against Facebook_
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Instagram’s algorithm is also much more selective about who you can follow, like, and comment on.

  • If you want to see a user’s posts, you must follow them.
  • You can only like one post per hour (and three likes every 24 hours). This means that if someone follows 500 people and likes 500 posts in one day, they won’t see most of those people’s content until the next day (or later). The algorithm will share their activity with them as soon as it’s done processing the data from everyone who interacted with those posts at around the same time.
  • Comments are limited to 50 per post (though some people get away with commenting more), which means that your comments probably won’t appear on anyone else’s feed unless their friends happen upon them organically through someone else’s profile page or hashtag page/gallery/group.
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Audience Growth

Instagram is winning the social media war against Facebook because its audience is younger, more mobile, and international. Instagram has also seen a steady increase in users from emerging markets like Brazil and Indonesia.

The average age of an Instagram user is 28 compared to 37 for Facebook. The platform has nearly twice as many females (71%) than male users (29%). It’s also more prevalent among Hispanics and African Americans than whites or Asians. This trend can be attributed to the nature of some brands on Instagram that resonate with these demographics.

Facebook’s top five countries by active daily users are the USA, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico. Still, this list doesn’t include China, where Tencent Weibo reigns supreme due to its censorship-free environment, which allows true freedom of expression unlike any other online platform today.”

Relevant Targeting

Instagram is better for targeting based on interests, location, and demographics.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows you to target users based on their interests, which makes it easier to reach the right audience with your content. For example, if you wanted to go dog lovers, you could create an ad that only shows up in front of other dog owners. Similarly, if you wanted to target people who live in a specific city (e.g., New York City), this would be easy since Instagram allows you to do so through its geotargeting feature.

Finally, because Instagram does not collect data about its users like Google does through search engines like Google Search or Twitter does through social media platforms such as Facebook, where they can collect information about how often someone uses certain words when posting statuses updates or tweets using hashtags that are related keywords such as “social media.”

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Influencer Marketing

In the past, influencer marketing was considered a fad. However, in recent years it has become one of the most effective ways to market products and services. Influencers are more credible than celebrities and other media outlets because they have a personal relationship with their followers/following. They’re also more cost effective than traditional advertising campaigns because companies can target specific audiences rather than broadcasting their message to everyone within range of their TV or radio ad. Plus, influencers tend to be far more engaging and authentic than traditional ads—they’re often relatable (they share our interests), making them feel less like an advertisement and more like you’re learning from someone with similar tastes!

Instagram is just a better platform for most businesses.

In short, Instagram is a better platform for most businesses.

For one thing, Instagram has more engagement. A study by Adweek found that users spend 50 minutes per day on Instagram and see twice as many organic posts as Facebook users. In addition to having higher engagement numbers than any other social network available today (including Snapchat), Instagram also boasts a larger audience.

That audience is better targeted: people who are already interested in your industry or niche and are more likely to convert into customers or brand advocates if they find you there. That makes it easier to reach them—and more likely, they’ll find you help when they do! But what makes Instagram win the battle against Facebook? Influencer marketing!


We all know that Social Media like Instagram certainly is the best social media platform. It offers businesses an excellent opportunity to connect with their target audience and has a massive user base. But what makes it such an attractive option for everybody for their business? There are many reasons why Instagram is winning the social media war against Facebook—and we’ve just gone over some of them here today!


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