ClickBank University Review: Is ClickBank University legit?

Explore our ClickBank University review to find out if this program is legitimate. Learn about the course content, pricing, and effectiveness of the program through reviews and testimonials. Get an in-depth understanding of ClickBank University to help you decide if it's the right fit for your online business, e-commerce and affiliate marketing education.

ClickBank University Review: Is This Course’s Premium Training Worth It? – ClickBank is a well-known associate market at the net wherein entrepreneurs can locate and sell virtual merchandise as an associate. You also can be listing your personal virtual merchandise for different associates to sell on ClickBank.

ClickBank gives a route application referred to as ClickBank University, which is approximately a way to make cash on ClickBank. We’ll take a better have a take a observe this route application, what it gives, and if it’s far really well worth the fee on this overview of ClickBank University.

ClickBank University Review Is ClickBank University legit

What Is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University (CBU) is a two-fold route application that gives top-class education to each person who desires to make cash as providers and associates or each completely on ClickBank.

The online training span over an 8-week education with numerous motion pictures. ClickBank University released the primary model in 2013 and upgraded it to model 2.0 in 2016.

ClickBank University is promoted through ClickBank itself. When you go to ClickBank, you get the popup asking you to discover ways to make 7 figures from ClickBank. You are redirected to ClickBank University.

Who Is Behind ClickBank University?

ClickBank University changed into released in 2013 through 3 virtual entrepreneurs: Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan, and Matt Hulett.

However, this system’s instructors are Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz, and Milana Kalimullova (or Milana Atlan). Each one in every one of them is stated to be a professional associate marketer and has revelled in with ClickBank.

Justin Atlan is the only coaching the Vendor segment withinside the CBU application. Justin is a millionaire with numerous different assets of earnings except for ClickBank University.

Adam Horwitz teaches the Affiliate segment withinside the application. He has bought many different online guides, such as cell monopoly (all of which can be now no longer be had).

The 1/3 instructor is Justin’s wife, Milana. She seems withinside the income and welcomes motion pictures withinside the ClickBank University application.

She additionally teaches the Market and Customer Research module withinside the route. She has a BA in Economics from UC Irvine.

ClickBank University Pricing

On their income web page, ClickBank University is marketed to be an ordinary fee of the simplest $ forty-seven/month. This fee affords to get right of entry to:

On the income web page, ClickBank University makes you agree with which you could simplest want to pay $ forty-seven consistent with month.

However, while you input, there are some upsells (especially ClickBank Builder). In effect, in case you calculate the entirety, you’ll need to pay for, you’ll see that the actual fee of CBU is around $250 consistent with the month!

That is due to the fact you’ll subsequently need to pay for different obligatory matters like:

Of route, you’ll want to pay for a maximum of those charges even in case you comply with every other route, however, the ClickBank Builder charge got here as a piece of a surprise.

How to Cancel a ClickBank Product Subscription

  • Step 1: Navigate to the ClickBank Customer Support website.
  • Step 2: Click the Look Up Your Order button.
  • Step 3: Enter your e-mail deal with and at the least yet another order identifier.
  • Step 4: Click the Go!
  • Step 5: Locate the order your desire to cancel.

ClickBank University Curriculum

ClickBank University consists of education on the 2 centre elements of ClickBank: Affiliate and Vendor. Aside from these, there are numerous bonus sections withinside the application.

When you pay for ClickBank University, you’ll get the right of entry to a library of education substances and motion pictures.

This segment is taught through Adam. It includes an 8-week education collection of motion pictures and downloadable PDF documents.

It is specifically for each person who desires to study associate advertising and marketing to sell virtual merchandise on ClickBank.

This segment is taught through Justin. It essentially includes 12 weeks of education for individuals who need to create and promote private virtual merchandise on ClickBank.

The complete application may be labelled into 4 sections or modules.

ClickBank University makes use of this segment taught through Justin Atlan to educate human beings on a way to create their personal virtual merchandise and promote on ClickBank.

This segment indicates motion pictures approximately developing with a worthwhile product, making an amazing income funnel, and the method to scale income with joint ventures and cut up testing.

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Justin lectures on how you’ll map out your income efficiently with upsells. And how you may use squeeze and touchdown pages to show bloodless visitors into customers.

For associate entrepreneurs without a product to promote, this segment is made to help. In this module, Adam lectures on a way to pick out rather worthwhile merchandise on ClickBank to sell.

Some merchandise will provide you with commissions as excessive as $one hundred consistent with sales. And in line with him, you may make 4 figures each month through promoting the one’s varieties of merchandise each day.

More importantly, ClickBank University emphasizes constructing an email listing and efficiently making extra money out of it. You could now no longer simplest ship visitors to a touchdown web page and neglect them. You need to retarget.

In this module, you’ll study some techniques of using visitors for your associate merchandise. You will find out about the Instagram Shoutout method. You will discover ways to sell your product with PAID visitors.

The marketing and marketing structures they educate to apply are Facebook and Instagram. There are 3 motion pictures for Facebook marketing and marketing and every other 3 for Instagram Shoutouts.

This segment is wherein they educate you the entirety you want to recognise approximately putting in place your personal internet site for association with ClickBank.

You will discover ways to do little technical matters. For instance, you’ll discover ways to install your domains, edit motion pictures, and outsource.

There is a Q&A webinar finished through Adam and Justin to be had to college students simplest. You might be capable of getting the right of entry to their solutions to questions. You may even get the right to enter to professional interviews.

All college students are routinely contributors to the CBU discussion board wherein they could come collectively and ask questions.

Quality Of ClickBank University Course

The motion pictures withinside the ClickBank University application are very excessive pleasant. The audio pleasant is awesome as nicely. They spent a lot of time perfecting the internet site’s interface.

It may be very clean to navigate and get via the guides. However, the motion pictures are very brief and are simplest 7 – 10 minutes on average.

T the tools, along with the ClickBank builder, are excellent for making primary squeeze pages and touchdown pages on your ClickBank merchandise. PDF documents are accompanying every route, which can also additionally always be vain due to the fact they haven’t any new information.

The centre education at CBU makes a speciality of the usage of ClickBank Builder. The ClickBank builder feels primary and can not create expert top-notch touchdown pages like different CMS builders.

It is likewise simplest operating with CBU servers and can not on every occasion you opt out of CBU.

Update CBU Change 

Does ClickBank University Deliver?

ClickBank University, like much ClickBank merchandise, makes lots of ambitious claims on the income web page. For example, ClickBank University’s Milana referred to that you may earn your first ClickBank earnings in 24 hours.

While this could paintings when you have already been being profitable with associate advertising and marketing, it’s far not going that new associate entrepreneurs will reap such results.

When you input the route, you’ll have the simplest three-week video education to be had. At the cease of the 1/3 video, you’ve got the simplest discovered way to locate worthwhile merchandise on ClickBank.

Even eleven though you may watch all of the 3 weeks in an hour, there’s no manner you may make cash from simply understanding the goods you need to sell! You need to wait till after three weeks to observe the relaxation of the video.

Most of the motion pictures are very primary and maximum appropriate for absolute novices. 90% of the education motion pictures are simply headshots of the academics speaking to the camera.

There aren’t any screencasts, display recordings, or anything. Most lectures which you could see totally free on YouTube are simplest taught the usage of hand gestures rather than displaying college students into ClickBank.

Another declaration from the income video is that while you input the CBU, there might be no technical boundaries to creating your earnings from ClickBank. In reality, when you pay your first $ forty-seven, you’ll land on an upsell web page.

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CBU will attempt to upsell you THREE TIMES! You may have to shop for their $597 ClickBank builder and a complicated education route in case you need to make the maximum of ClickBank University.

Without the ClickBank builder, it’s far hard to comply with at the side of the education and enforce what they’re coaching.

With ClickBank Builder, you may simplest host your internet site on CBU servers. In that manner, you want to maintain paying them cash, and also you can not pass your internet site someplace else if making a decision to go away CBU.

While that is a nonissue for entrepreneurs who intend to apply to ClickBank Builder, it is able to be irritating for folks who have already got their personal tools.

Who Is The ClickBank University Course Best For?

ClickBank University is nice for novices who’re searching out a route especially approximately ClickBank.

The route itself may be very primary, as is to be predicted with a route this is simplest $ forty-seven/month. If you need to dive deeper into a number of the subjects withinside the route, you’ll want to do your personal studies or enrol in different guides.

It ought to additionally be referred to that this route might be the handiest in case you plan to apply ClickBank Builder. We stated in advance that the builder is an “upsell” and at one factor it turns clear that it’s far an important device in case you need to make the maximum of the route.

Is ClickBank University Worth The Money?

At $ forty-seven/month, the route can be searched into IF you’re interested in ClickBank-particular advertising and marketing. The route itself may be very primary and nice-appropriate for novices. Don’t experience being forced to make investments withinside the upsells until you’re assured that you’ll want them.

Even eleven through CBU is an excellent product with respectable education motion pictures and forums, it looks like the route isn’t as nicely maintained and up to date as it can be.

ClickBank University Review Is ClickBank University legit

For example, Adam and Justin promised to be energetic withinside the community, however, they’re now no longer. There are numerous questions and feedback withinside the community, however none from the CBU guide or the instructors. The maximum current webinar withinside the application is dated September 2017!

That stated, ClickBank University comes with a 30-day cash-returned guarantee. If you’re sad with the route, you may request a complete refund within 30 days.

We constantly appreciate whilst organizations returned their guides with guarantees, because it indicates they’re assured withinside the supplying and that they need to ensure they’ve satisfied customers.

If you experience like ClickBank University can be an amazing suit for you, you may join up for one month to look if it delivers.

That stated we agree with there are higher associate advertising and marketing guides to be had in a comparable charge range. Here are nine of the nice guides we’ve reviewed.

That said, we believe there are better affiliate marketing courses available in a similar price range. Here are 9 of the best courses we’ve reviewed.

Alternatives To ClickBank University

CBU costs you $ forty-seven/month for a few primary video education and a deserted discussion board, with vintage recycled webinars for historic associate entrepreneurs.

Besides, think you’re a stark newbie at associate advertising and marketing. You really need to make cash online with sensible expectancies and instructors.

In that case, you ought to do not forget to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate: $49/month. Wealthy Affiliate gives a loose trial period. Besides, there aren’t any bait and switch. If you ought to purchase tools, they’ll inform you upfront.

Another fantastic application for associate advertising and marketing and virtual advertising and marketing is Project 24 through Income school. It costs $449 for 1 year, however in case you remain, it’s $199 for each different year after. You get a loose topic and actual-time mentorship and guide.

Other fantastic associate advertising and marketing applications online are Savage Affiliates, Authority Hacker, and The Affiliate Lab.


ClickBank University leaves loads to be desired. The income web page makes lots of ambitious claims however, ultimately, that is an entry-degree route for advertising and marketing on ClickBank. That, blended with the extra upsells, makes it hard for us to hopefully propose the route.

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