Contract Management Startup Launched With It’s Eye On The Startup Market

Contract Sent, a cutting-edge tech startup, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative contract management software designed exclusively for startups. This game-changing platform, led by CEO Scott Whitaker, with a decade of experience in legal operations leadership, offers a cost-effective solution to streamline the way startups handle their legal documentation.

Startups are known for their resourcefulness and agility, and Contract Sent was created with their unique needs in mind. Unlike traditional contract management software, Contract Sent caters to the budget and demands of emerging businesses with pricing starting as low as $150 per month.

Key Features of Contract Sent:

Legal Dashboards: Gain instant insights into your contract portfolio with user-friendly legal dashboards. Monitor contract status, upcoming deadlines, and other crucial data at a glance.

Unlimited Users: Collaborate seamlessly with your entire team without worrying about additional user fees. Empower your employees to work together efficiently in a secure environment.

Document Comparison: Easily identify changes, additions, or deletions in your contracts with Contract Sent’s document comparison feature. This ensures transparency and reduces the risk of errors.

AI Contract Generation: Say goodbye to the tedious process of contract creation. Contract Sent’s AI-powered contract generation feature simplifies the drafting of new contracts, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Scott Whitaker, CEO of Contract Sent, understands the challenges startups face when it comes to contract management. He states, “Our team at Contract Sent is committed to empowering startups with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of contract management. We believe that every business, regardless of its size, should have access to efficient and cost-effective solutions for their legal operations.”

Contract Sent’s user-friendly interface and feature-rich platform will enable startups to focus on what they do best—innovating and growing their businesses—while Contract Sent takes care of the rest.

Contract Sent is a tech startup dedicated to providing startups with accessible, cost-effective contract management solutions. Led by CEO Scott Whitaker, Contract Sent combines a decade of experience in legal operations leadership with cutting-edge technology to create a platform tailored to the unique needs of emerging businesses.

The Issue That Contract Sent Is Tackling

In the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) sales, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are paramount. The rapid growth of SaaS companies has ushered in a new era of digital transformation, and it’s not just limited to the technology itself. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now making waves in the legal sector by transforming the way legal contracts are generated for SaaS sales. In this blog post, we will explore the game-changing potential of AI in the creation of legal contracts for SaaS sales.

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The Traditional Challenges of Contract Generation

Before delving into the AI-driven revolution, let’s first understand the challenges of traditional contract generation in the SaaS industry.

  • Time-Consuming: Drafting, reviewing, and editing SaaS contracts manually is a time-consuming process. It often involves back-and-forths between legal teams, sales representatives, and clients.
  • Human Error: Human errors can creep in during contract creation, which may result in costly legal disputes or compliance issues.
  • Consistency Issues: Maintaining consistency in contract language, clauses, and terms across various agreements can be challenging when done manually.
  • Adaptability: As the SaaS industry evolves and regulations change, contracts must be updated accordingly. Traditional methods of contract generation make it difficult to keep contracts up-to-date with the latest legal requirements.

AI-Powered Legal Contract Generation

AI, in particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP), is poised to address these challenges head-on and revolutionize the way legal contracts are generated for SaaS sales. Here’s how:

  • Rapid Drafting: AI can generate initial contract drafts swiftly by analyzing the specific terms, conditions, and requirements of each SaaS sale. This not only saves time but also reduces the burden on legal teams.
  • Consistency and Standardization: AI ensures that contracts are consistent and adhere to established legal standards and guidelines. This consistency is essential for maintaining the trust of clients and adhering to legal compliance.
  • Automated Reviews and Edits: AI can perform contract reviews, identifying potential issues and discrepancies. This is especially useful for ensuring that all parties involved are protected and that the agreement is clear and comprehensive.
  • Dynamic Updates: AI-powered systems can adapt to changing regulations, industry trends, and evolving business needs. This enables SaaS companies to keep their contracts up-to-date and compliant without significant manual intervention.
  • Data Security and Compliance: AI can enhance data security by flagging any sensitive information that should not be included in contracts. It can also ensure that contracts adhere to data privacy regulations, a vital consideration in today’s SaaS landscape.

The Benefits of AI in Legal Contract Generation for SaaS

The adoption of AI for legal contract generation in SaaS sales offers a host of benefits:

  • Efficiency: SaaS companies can streamline their contract generation process, reducing the time it takes to close deals.
  • Cost Savings: Automating contract creation can reduce the need for extensive legal resources, resulting in cost savings for the business.
  • Reduced Errors: AI-driven contract generation minimizes human errors, reducing the risk of disputes and compliance issues.
  • Enhanced Compliance: AI can ensure that contracts meet the latest legal requirements, protecting the interests of all parties involved.
  • Increased Adaptability: SaaS companies can quickly respond to changes in the industry or regulations by updating contracts with minimal hassle.
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The Future of Legal Contracts in SaaS Sales

The future of legal contract generation in SaaS sales is undeniably tied to AI and machine learning. As technology continues to advance, we can expect more sophisticated AI systems that can not only draft contracts but also negotiate terms, answer common legal questions, and provide real-time insights into potential risks.

However, it’s important to note that while AI is a powerful tool, the human touch remains vital in the legal field. Legal professionals will continue to play a critical role in complex negotiations, dispute resolution, and ensuring that AI-generated contracts align with the unique needs of each client.

AI is poised to revolutionize legal contract generation for SaaS sales, offering unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. SaaS companies that embrace AI-powered contract generation stand to benefit from reduced costs, minimized legal risks, and enhanced compliance. As technology continues to evolve, the future of SaaS sales is undoubtedly intertwined with the capabilities of AI in the legal sphere.

With this in mind Contract Sent has been built as a tool that utilizes AI for contract generation but with measures in place to allow legal teams to keep it in check. At all points the content that has been generated by AI is reviewed by the legal team to ensure everything remains compliant.

Contract Sent is specifically catering for small to medium B2B startups. Those startups that get caught in the trap of manual contract negotiation because they are selling to enterprise level customers. It’s a trap that a lot of companies fall into, says founder Scott Whitaker. The issue with this is that it’s not scalable. As a SaaS company grows it will run into the issues of needing to extract data from contracts to feed into the rest of the team to improve operations. The AI that is built into Contract Sent is adept at doing this. Extracting the data and presenting it as structured, easy to search data is one of the key advantages of the platform.

If you’re looking to get your legal function in order as you grow your business or if you’re just looking to have some overview of what your legal team is working on then Contract Sent is a great tool for you. You’ll be able to sign up for your free trial of the contract management software here.


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