Thinkific Review: Is Thinkific better than Teachable?

in this post we will talk about Thinkific review, Thinkific is basically a simplified online course hosting site that enables one to create and sell their courses online.

Keeping the basic info clear and concise, let’s head on to the main question that pops up in everyone’s mind – [Variable and attribute (research)]

WHAT Thinkific?

Thinkific Review

To start with, we did some research on “Thinkific” as a keyword. It has high search volumes with major inquiries for pricing, login process, and competition analysis. 

For Thinkific, the paid difficulty is easy and the cost per click is low, i.e. only about $1.67. It probably means that if Thinkific invests more in getting advertised on Google, they can perform much better at considerably lower costs. 

As a website, Thinkific gets amazing organic monthly traffic. It has a great number of organic keywords for which it ranks high and has numerous backlinks. 

Moreover, its Domain Authority score which depicts overall ranking strength on search engines is more than average. Summing things up, Thinkific gets an edge not only as a brand but also as a keyword. 

Thinkific Review Detail

  • Name: Thinkific
  • Website:
  • Price: Get Free Instant Access Here
  • Owners: Greg Smith, Matt Payne, Matt Smith, Miranda Lievers
  • Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5 [Trustpilot]
  • Summary: With Thinkific, you can create online courses and membership sites with confidence, knowing that you’ll have the easiest technology and the greatest support in the industry.
  • Thinkific Scam or Legit: is safe and legit.
  • Who it’s for Coach, Guru or Expert

Thinkific Review Overview

If you are looking to start earning bucks through knowledge sharing, the brand ‘Thinkific’ must surely have struck you during the initial research. 

Thinkific is basically an online platform where entrepreneurs or a group of them can create, market, and sell their online courses. 

There are a lot of complications related to getting a domain, hosting, creating, and editing a website of your own. Thinkific simplifies this by providing you with a special domain where you can create, edit, store, share, and sell courses. 

The best thing is that you can start with the free version, and upgrade to paid packages later on. 

While doing this, you have all the rights to your content and can upgrade or degrade either specific courses or the whole account whenever you want. 

A part of your sales (probably 10%) goes to Thinkific and the rest is paid out to you. 

Despite the brand popularity, things can’t go cent percent in favour. So here is a list of what we like the most or the least about Thinkific Review – 

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The Good:

1. A Free Plan

You heard it right, A FREE PLAN! They do not bluff you by providing free access for only a few weeks or months, but it’s really long-term.

2. Custom Domain

Once you choose a paid plan, you can actually remove the ‘’ part from your website domain, and customize your domain name for personal branding. It’s amazing and a must, if you want to cultivate your own brand. 

3. Flexibility

Thinkific allows you to customize the look and content displayed on your website, beyond the Default pages offered by them. It can also be easily integrated with various third-party platforms for performing certain functions like marketing, business analytics, content automation, and much more.

thinikific review thinkific Amplify
thinkific review amplify
Thinkific Status Update: Completed: We have successfully completed our maintenance work. Thanks for your patience!— Thinkific (@thinkific) June 12, 2021

The Bad:

1. Not a marketspace

It’s more of a storage space than a market space. It neither markets nor boosts your sales. If you just post and sit, you will earn nothing. So the responsibility of marketing totally falls on your shoulder.

2. The blog isn’t active regularly

SEO analysis shows that Thinkific gets a huge percent of mainstream traffic through its blog posts. But I found their last blog to be posted around 6 months ago. I believe they would get more traffic if they post at least twice a month.

3. Placement of social media icons

Social media helps to know many things about an organization, and at times, it also proves to be a deciding factor for potential customers.

So the social media handles must be easily accessible from a company’s official website. But surfing on instead, I found social icons at the utmost bottom.

Who is Thinkific For?

Thinkific is basically targeted at those entrepreneurs who want to bring about a change by sharing their knowledge while putting some bucks down their pockets. 

After all, a light purse is a heavy curse. Not only do the tutors benefit from Thinkific, but indirectly students too, as they get valuable knowledge and certifications. 

Thinkific Tools & Training

Thinkific allows you to get started for free or opt for paid plans. The Thinkific price is not so high, Thinkific pricing is economy. There are some short videos as well as a whole training site that might help you know the way around.

thinkific review tool
thinkific review bonus

Here is a list of the main menu options and their functions – 

1. Manage Learning Content

Here you can create or upload your work including videos, pdf, etc. It also lets you decide the order and timeline of the course chapters that must be presented before students. 

2. Design Your Site 

This enables you to customize your site and courses, especially aesthetically. 

3. Market and Sell 

It allows you to boost sales through coupon offerings, creating sales widgets, and tracking orders. It also lets you integrate with third-party services at your convenience.

4. Support your students

Here you can analyze your users, track their progress, create communities, have thorough discussions, keep the students notified, and create digital certificates for your course.

All in all, everything is kept simple and sorted, the only need being your will and knowledge.

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Thinkific Review: Support

There are support services provided in four ways – FAQs, chat, call, and mail. 

They claimed to have responded to 90% of the queries within a time period of five hours. It also has a Facebook peer program page where you can discuss things and sort issues out. 

The only downside is the bottom-most positioning of the “Contact Us” section that should have been included in the ‘Top menu bar.’ 

Thinkific Review: How much does Thinkific cost? 

There are basically three Thinkific pricing packages – Basic, Pro, and Premier. The Thinkific prices of these packages can vary from $39 USD/month to $499 USD/month depending on whether you pay yearly or monthly. For big companies and high-volume customers, a Plus package is also offered.

Does Thinkific have a free plan? 

Yes, Thinkific has a free plan, but it limits the number of courses you can offer. Yet the most fascinating part is that you still get instantly paid out.

thinikific review free 1 month
thinkific review 1 month free

Thinkific Review: My Final Opinion of Thinkific

The Thinkific website is very intuitive and informative but would have been better if the Social media icons and the “Contact Us” section were placed at the top of the front landing page. 

Also, they could attract more traffic by updating blogs on a regular basis. It would have been so cool if they had inbuilt marketing devices, but third-party integration is not bad either. 

Apart from this, I feel Thinkific has aced in almost every factor. Overall, I must rest the case by saying Thinkific is legit – whether as a brand or as a keyword. 

People More Trust Thinkfic

Source From


Thinkific is one of the most blooming brands worldwide in the sector of learning management systems. In fact, a Medium article says it to have been ranked among the Top 20 in the 2020 Growth List of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.

Thinkific provides great flexibility, not only in pricing but also in content and website modulation, Course Creation, and Site Building. The third-party integration helps counter the lack of features like marketing, business analytics, etc. 

It has a great online presence, SEO domination, and impressive support services that help build consumer trust. Overall, Thinkific is an all-rounded package commendable for its services.

Thinkific Review at a Glance…


8 out of 10

Thinkific is an online course hosting site that enables one to create and sell their courses online.

9 out of 10
Ease of Use
6 out of 10
Look & Feel
9 out of 10
8 out of 10


Easy to use

Good price

Sturdy build and ergonomics


Incompatible with old versions

Hard to assemble

Bad color combination

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