Outsourcing social media content moderation: how to make it safe?

Increasing pressure on social media content moderation forces companies to search for ways to invest in it heavily. In search of cost optimization, they often reach out for outsourcing. What are the benefits and challenges of outsourced social media content moderation?

A decade ago, no one expected that social media will start playing such a significant part in our lives. Today, they have an enormous impact on societies, shaping trends, fuelling businesses, and spreading the news. The growing demand for content moderation has caused many social media platforms to reach out to outsourcing service providers. 

The business is flourishing for these companies – it’s enough to look up job offers in big cities to see how many come from the content moderation departments. But to make such cooperation satisfactory, it’s essential to remember a few rules.

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#1 Ensure the outsourced moderators receive a good training

Even though they can be a great tool in good hands, social media also facilitate seeding hate and polarizing. As we’re living in times of information war, social platforms are becoming an involuntary tool of political indoctrination and a spread of dividing agendas. In recent years, the techniques like deepfake brought a new dimension to fake news, making the moderation of content even harder.

That’s why good training is crucial for effective social media moderation. The social media moderators should be familiar with the techniques of detecting fake content and verifying the user reports. The cultural context and background is essental, too – that’s why nearshoring may be the safest option when it comes to outourcing moderation. Without cultural proximity, it may be hard to train the moderators efficiently.

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#2 Ensure consistent policies of social media content moderation

Users expect the platforms to be transparent in terms of their content moderation policies, particularly the content creators, for which any restrictions can cut their reach and affect their income. Consistent policy increases the credibility of the social platform but also facilitates the work for everyone involved in the moderation process for a social media platform.

#3 Secure the data policy

The data-related questions should be thoroughly discussed by both parties, particularly these with headquarters in EU countries. Who is the administrator of data? How is the data stored, and is it secure enough? A reliable outsourced social media content moderation service provider will dispel your doubts right away, preparing all the required documents in one form or another.


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